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Friday, 8 January 2016

January in Seoul & To-do List

Salam and hello!

I can't wait for my trip to Seoul (again) next week. Despite the fact that I'm still in my final exam week, I thought I really need to list some of the things I wanna do during this trip. It's another special trip with joined group for my tour package:

p/s: If you're interested to join those trips, kindly pm me directly at facebook page Ke Korea Kimfad ok! ^^

But, I will be going earlier and spend a week of leisure with my youngest sister, Aishah and a good friend of mine, Iz. It is their first winter trip so I am excited to bring them around too!

To-do list in Seoul during winter:

  • Eat red bean fish bread (a must winter snack! of course other winter snacks too)
  • Play ski (or if I have more budget, overnight at the ski resort)
  • Go ice-fishing
  • Everland theme park! (it will be freezing though kkk)
  • Play with snow (if it's not snowing in Seoul, I'll go find some outskirt of Seoul)
  • Build a snowman with Aishah (she always use this emoticon last year as a sign to bring her to Seoul during winter lol)
  • Play outdoor ice-skating

I hope we would manage to do additional those winter activities even though we only have a week. I need to bring them to the mainstream places of attractions anyway. 

Will update more. Gotta go for study. LOL XD

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