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Thursday, 19 October 2017

Gratitude List: 25y/o edition

Idk if I wrote about it on my blog before but I love to list things I'm grateful for in my journal daily or weekly. Today is actually my birthday so I thought of doing a major gratitude list - things I'm grateful for 25 years of my like. I'm sharing it here as a self-reminder so I won't forget that I'm privileged for these blessings. :) <3

  1. I’m grateful to be born a Muslim.
  2. I’m grateful I still have parents.
  3. I’m grateful that even though my parents got divorced when I was 15, I grew up well and became as strong as I am now. Now that they are back together (since couple of years back), of course I am and have to be grateful than ever.
  4. I'm grateful for having Kim by my side. I can bebel in Malay without being understood too.
  5. I’m grateful that I have 3 siblings even though I’m supposed to have 4. I pray that our Zikri is one of the reasons for us to go to the heaven. :’)
  6. I’m grateful I can drive quite well now. I once failed (immediately) on-the-road test because I drove dangerously. 
  7. I’m grateful for having a wise and reliable Mak Ngah (my favourite aunt).
  8. I’m grateful I can take decent pictures.
  9. I’m grateful I’m interested to be a student for life.
  10. I'm grateful I got selected and went to Harvard Summer School under full sponsorship when I was a freshman in UTM.
  11. I’m grateful for the existence of MOCHUB. They are my nonbiological family since I was 13. Without them, there’s no BBQ party yang boleh gelak & nangis at the same time. And without them, I can’t sleep tight the night before nikah because they helped with the cooking, pasang pelamin last minute dan banyak lagi omg I love you guys.
  12. I’m grateful my family isn’t rich. I develop my creativity and entrepreneur skills because of this.
  13. I’m grateful I was selected and went through a practical teaching program in Semarang, Indonesia during my studies.
  14. I’m grateful that Allah sent me to UTM instead of UKM (my first choice when I applied for UPU). I had fun during my studies, tried so many things, learnt so much and met my imam there. Aherher :3
  15. I’m grateful I have a friend I can call nanny. Without her, my alarm clock would’ve been thrown out of the window couple of times during Foundation in TESL days. Sayang Iz! Cepat sikit datang Korea!
  16. I’m grateful I can gain weight (like finally not so papan anymore).
  17. I’m grateful He sent me good people who offered help during tough times. Especially when I came to Korea for the first time.
  18. I’m grateful I have Kimfad Travel, a humble company I started by myself, (and with the help of good friends who shared info and experiences before that) is accepted well and joined by so many people since 2014.
  19. I’m grateful that my stomach can accept Korean foods very well. If not, it will be more challenging to win over my mertua weh nanti jadi macam dalam Kdrama takutnya. K over.
  20. I’m grateful I got to travel a lot and learn something new everytime.
  21. I’m thankful that I know the word, “thankful” itself supaya point yang seterusnya sehingga yang ke 41 boleh guna perkataan “thankful” pula.
  22. I’m thankful that Kim passed driving test at once unlike me.
  23. I’m thankful for the bidet in the sharehouse I’m currently staying at right now.
  24. I’m thankful I have the interest and ability to learn languages.
  25. I’m thankful that my mom is a good cook. Everyone loves her foods y’all! Serious tak tipu. Boleh masak untuk keluarga dan catering sekali.
  26. I’m thankful that TheSixnificance is significant to me. <3
  27. I’m thankful that I love stationery more than handbags, shoes & clothes.
  28. I’m thankful I can keep writing at this point.
  29. I’m thankful that you’re still reading.
  30. I’m thankful for my supportive followers on my personal Instagram, @snfad_diela.
  31. I’m thankful for all the hardships I had gone through ever since I was a kid. “Indeed, with hardship [will be] ease” (94:6).
  32. I’m thankful that my father is a man full of wit.
  33. I’m thankful that I live with my late grandfather (from my mom’s side) when I was a little for a long time. And I'm thankful I'm missing him now.. al-fatihah.
  34. I’m thankful I’m fit enough to be a tour guide.
  35. I’m thankful that I am loved by many other than family and friends right now.
  36. I’m thankful for staying in Seoul at the moment and able to share the beauty of this city to many others.
  37. I’m thankful I cook edible foods (kkkk) that Kim eats them well without complaining.
  38. I’m thankful that this list in endless.
  39. I’m thankful I learnt about Korean skincare and doing the routine consistently.
  40. I’m thankful I can use other than the word thankful now.
  41. Alhamdulillah, I sometimes get “the call” from Him and trying to be a better Muslimah.
  42. Alhamdulillah, my sister had a chance to be a stewardess without getting injured when she stopped being one. I’m proud of you, Ngah!
  43. Alhamdulillah, I can sleep well anywhere at any time.
  44. Alhamdulillah for the health I have at the moment.
  45. Alhamdulillah, I have Nurul Izyana in my life.
  46.  Alhamdulillah, I had the chance to do so many kinds of jobs. I worked as a waitress, clerk, sales assistant, tutor, teacher, personal shopper. Not too forget tukang kayuh basikal sambil jual nasi lemak ibu pagi-pagi dengan my sister masa sekolah rendah.
  47. Alhamdulillah, I am now officially 25 years old, happily married, doing what I love and surrounded by kind-hearted people. 

Happy 25th Birthday, Fad! May Allah bless you and your family. May you grow up to be wiser and always be in the right path. Always count your blessings! Even if any of those blessings are taken back by the Ultimate Possessor, never forget that there are countless blessings in disguise that you might not see (just yet).