Sunday, 25 September 2016

Pakej Seoul + Jeju 7 Hari 6 Malam

Assalamualaikum. Hello! 

I'm back! And I'm back with a new package for #kimfadtourguide which is 7D6N Seoul + Jeju. We're so excited to announce this package since long time ago. Now is the right time!

If you're interested to go around Seoul and Jeju island with a Malaysian muslim tour guide (at an affordable price on top of that), please read further before you proceed with the booking. 

Let's jump into the price (what you want to know the most, isn't it?)

7 Days 6 nights (Seoul + Jeju)

2-3 pax: RM3900
4-5 pax: RM3100
6-9 pax: RM2750
10-30 pax: RM2450

*price per 1 adult
*child share room with 1 adult - 100% of adult fare
*child share room with 2 adults (with bed) - 75% of adult fare
*chils share room with two adults (without bed) - 60% of adult fare

Included (in Seoul):

  • Accommodation : Guesthouse 
  • Meals   : As specified in the itinerary
  • Entrance fee   : As specified in the itinerary 
  • Transport  : Public transportation (subway & bus) 
  • Tour guide   : speaks Malay, Korean & English (9am-6pm) 

Tour fare EXCLUDED: 

  • Flight tickets KL-Seoul-KL
  • Optional tour
  • Travel insurance
  • Personal expenses (extra meals, shopping, coffee, taxis, laundry etc)
Included (in Jeju island):

  • Airport pickup & drop off
  • Accommodation (guesthouse private room)
  • Private car + driver
  • Malay + Korean speaking guide 
  • Meals (Breakfast at guesthouse, Lunch & Dinner at Korean restaurants)
  • Entrance fees to attractions
Does NOT include flight Seoul-Jeju (can be arranged. Price varies on season)


Day 1:
  • Arrival in Incheon International Airport
  • Myeongdong
  • Namsan Tower
  • Namsangol Hanok Village
Day 2:
  • Nami Island
Day 3:

  • Gyeongbuk Palace
  • Insadong
  • Gwanghwamun Square
  • Cheonggyecheon
Day 4:
  • Namdaemun market
  • Dongdaemun Design Plaza/Gwanjang Market
  • Itaewon Mosque & Street
Day 5:
  • Depart to Gimpo airport
  • Flight to Jeju Island
  • Gimnyeong Seonsegi Beach
  • Seopjikoji
Day 6:

  • Hallasan Mountain (no hiking)
  • Jesangjolli Cliff
  • Cheonjeyeon Falls
  • Sanbangsan & Yongmeori Coast
  • O'Sulloc Green Tea Farm
Day 7:
  • Flight back to Incheon Airport
  • Flight back to Malaysia

**note that itinerary is flexible and can be changed except for joined trip

So, ready to go on a trip with us? PM/email us for more details on our FB page: Ke Korea Kimfad // // Follow us on Instagram: @kimfadtourguide

See you in Korea soon! ^_^

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Where to Get Facial Treatment in Seoul?

Hello everyone!

I went to Hushu Clinic to try out their facial treatment’s package last spring (April 2016). I’ve been wanted to try out Korean style aesthetic care so I thought I should try it. I have to say it’s the best facial treatment I’ve ever tried! Ok first of all, my last facial treatment in Malaysia was like more than 5 years ago. So, I’m not really sure if many of the facial treatments we have in Malaysia right now have been upgraded. Anyway, you can compare what I’ve received with the one you do in Malaysia if you want but do know that Korea is known for its best Korean cosmetics & surgeries. *grin*

Let’s start with the environment. My friend said customer service in Korea is no joke. I guess most of them are right. The condition and environment of the clinic is so comfy and relaxing. The staffs are nice and throughout the facial process they kept asking if I’m fine and did the facial massage softly.

At the waiting area.

Makeup room

Pretty lighting and hallway I just had to stop and took a selfie lol

Then, I began the session by cleaning up my makeup (they did this for me nicely) and scanning my bare face through a machine to see my skin type. This one is amazing! The name is VISIA for skin analyzer. It’s a whole face scanning where it’s automated and it tells your skin type precisely like what the major problem your skin has and even your skin age compared to your own, literally age! How cool is that?

The VISIA machine

Before scanning my bare face

So my age is 23 but my skin age is 20 <3 <3 <3

The price for VISIA is only KRW10,000. YESS! *vomit rainbows*

The machine itself didn't tell (obviously it can't talk) you directly but you saw your skin type through the images and percentages as shown above. Then they took me to the aesthetic doctor who explained everything to me. Even if you don't wanna do the treatment, I think it's worth to know your skin problems but of course, why come all the way if you don't try? *raise eyebrows*

After scanning my skin, I began the treatment. The clinic receives many clients from Islamic countries and they are aware of what we can and cannot do like "NO surgery", no exposing of hair etc which I think is very considerate of them to do so. :)

They are very generous with the amount of moisturizer they massaged into my face. I dozed off because of the comfortableness. Oh you can tell? LOL.

Ok. Now I know many of you are curious to how much it cost by now.
Roughly, they have a few packages like acne, peeling, moisturizing etc. 
The one I tried were aqua peeling (for pore problem) and intensive + moisturizing care if I'm not mistaken. The price would cost around KRW150,000 to KRW400,000 per session. I think almost the same price in Malaysia but better facilities and service I guess. ^^

If you’re interested, you can email them to know the exact price and make an appointment!

Here's the details:

Website :
Instagram :
Email :
Phone No.: +82-2-1588-7536 
Location: Line 3, Apgujong station, near Exit 3.

Trust me, you won't regret it! ^^

Till then, bye!

Friday, 17 June 2016

Spicy Chicken Ramyun: Halal/Haram?

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.,

Bulan-bulan puasa ni makan ramyun (instant noodles) pun rasa macam makan mee goreng basah sesedap rasa. Agaknya sebab tu ramai yang DM dekat Instagram tanya ramyun Korean yang Spicy Chicken tu halal ke tak. Nak berbuka makan ramyun pedas dan sedap ini ye? I explained about it earlier on my ig (was it like 2 months ago?) but I guess it didn't really help so I guess this post will be the last one and will be elaborated for those who seek further info.

Issue 1: Haram sebab kilang buat ramyun proses pork. 

First, kilang untuk proses ramyun yang halal TAK SAMA dengan yang tak halal. Nak percaya atau tidak, pihak yang bertanggungjawab dah pun keluarkan statement.

Boleh cari page "Halal Korea" di fb untuk updates makanan halal Korea

from page HALAL IN KOREA
Kat FB tu ada satu page Halal Korea yang bertanggungjawab tentang isu dan produk halal di Korea. Mohon cari, mohon baca, mohon hadam. Satu lagi page, Halal in Korea. Boleh lah tengok makanan apa lagi boleh makan ye. 
 Jangan dok cari profile Edward Kim lah, Hamba Allah lah, Samyang Halalan Toyiban segala. Diorang tu entah siapa entah pernah duduk Korea ke entah, suka membaca ke entah, entah tahu bahasa Korea mahupun tahu menatang apakah itu ramyun ke entah. Haa kau banyak sangat entah.

Issue 2: Haram sebab ramyun ada pork. 

Now, bahan dalam ramyun TIADA pork. This is the latest issue, one post on FB that my friend shared to me earlier this morning (17th June) saying that the ramyun has got pork inside which is so wrong.

So yeah, this girl can spot (dwaeji gogi = pork) on the list of ingredients behind the packaging. I'm not sure whether she can read Hangeul and understand the meaning or merely reading. But what it says about pork (the one being circled in red) on the package is that the factory deals with other ingredients like buckwheat, ketam etc etc. So this goes back to Issue 1. 

Other mr.-know-it-all post is this:

Kemain menjejaki badaiku viral.

Ini zaman bila punya gambar, tak tahu lah Kak Ton. Previously, Samyang produced only halal ramyun with halal logo on the big packet consisted of 4-5 small packets inside without halal logo. They don't have halal ramyun cup as shown in the picture above at that time. Disclaimer: sekarang dah ada cup ramyun with halal logo.

Besides, Halal Korea already came out with a statement that the original packets in Hangul (Korean characters) without halal logo is used to attract more buyers. Senang cerita, orang yang gila Korea ni nampak tulisan Korea, lagi cepat dia nak membeli. Baru nampak lagi sedap sebab packaging pun original dari Kroea. But, I believe there are now multipackage with smaller packets both with halal logo to avoid misunderstanding or any online shops who take it for granted like these:

Sadly, there are more online sellers on ig claiming what they sell are halal. But read this:

Sampai pihak bertanggungjawab keluarkan notis macam ni. Ingat ye. Yang halal cuma ADA COP HALAL. Jadi kalau boleh elakkan beli ramyun single pack tanpa cop halal sebab tak tau yang itu dari pek dengan cop halal atau tak.

Ada pulak yang memandai cakap cop HACCP is cop halal. Ewah.. Cop tu maksudnya produk selamat dimakan je diknon. Takde kena mengena halal/tak. =.= 

Lala Yuki Silla is a close friend of mine (as well as KimFad's assistant) yang deal dengan pihak Samyang in the first place untuk keluarkan ramyun halal untuk orang Islam di Korea. Dia dapat produk direct dari kilang lepas ambil pre-order yang banyak setiap batch. Ramyun pedas ni takkan jumpa yang halal di Korea sebab yang halal hanya untuk diimport ke luar negara yang lebih banyak demand macam Malaysia dan hanya Cik Silla kita ni je yang ada jual di Korea sana sebab dah dia yang deal dan belajar kat sana. Jadi jangan pulak dok belek cari yang halal dekat convenience store kalau pergi Korea. Memang takkan jumpa. 

Kat Malaysia ni, pergi lah AEON or AEON BIG, boleh jumpa yang halal. In fact, lagi murah dari beli online. I bought all Shin Ramyun, Spicy Chicken Ramyun, Samyang or Yukgaejang from AEON/BIG. Yang tinggal kawasan takde AEON tu, maaf lah tak dapek den nak nolong..

Kalau share ke apa tolong lah siasat betul-betul sebelum share. Google kan ada. Lagi satu, Farah Lee (Please find her on fb. She had been studying in Korea for years) pun dah post pasal benda yang sama. Kalau masih was-was, tak perlu makan, tak perlu dok pandang serong orang yang makan, setel. Pening hakak jawab message korangs. Kekadang bukan tanya pasal ramyun ni je. Segala jenis snacks, makanans, chocolates, minumans semua dm. Mintak maaf bebanyak, bukan tak nak jawab. Tapi.....

Mohon baca tweet ituuuuu..

Sekian sahaja posting kali ni. Semoga bermanfaat. 
Terima kasih.