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Friday, 18 September 2015

Jeonju Hanok Village & One-day Hanbok Experience


Kim and I have been planning for a short getaway. Busan's too far from Seoul. So, we decided to go to the slow city, Jeonju, famous for its bibimbap and hanok village (Korean traditional house). Basically, Kim arranged everything (now he feels more like a Korean lol).
Meanwhile, I got a chance to try out one-day hanbok experience so I thought this is it.

The day before we went to Jeonju, I went to One-day Hanbok rental shop. 
The shop is located near Euljiro Line 2 stop. Visit their website / FB page / IG @onedayhanbok for more info!

LOTS of choices.

Hard to choose now huh?

So many designs and sizes.

Now, see what they have here..

Head accessories! 

How nice are those? <3

Last but not least.. A picture with the kind owner.
p/s: Don't wear sweater/hoodie if you want to wear hanbok!

Now, are you readyyyyy? *shout out loud* 
To Jeonju we go!

After 2 hours in the train.

Hello Jeonju!!

Hanok style information counter

Wifi router at the bus stop. Oh yeahh!

First snack in Jeonju. 
Other than bibimbap, you can eat A LOT of street foods here (some you can't find in Seoul).
Famous ones including the croquet (shown in first snack picture), yogurt ice-cream, but my favourite is the Jeonju choco pie. I was too excited I didn't take any photo of it *sigh*

If you have got limitless budget, you might wanna try the royal cuisine where they have a full-table meal you can eat like an eating machine (btw, that's Kim's nickname sometimes kkk).

RM700 for a meal. *wallet cries lol*

We stay in a hanok guesthouse in the same Jeonju Hanok Village neighborhood. So, it's not that hard to go around the attractions by walking (or it's just me adapting well to the Korean-walking-culture).

First, let's have a meal.

The RM30 meals we had kkkk


Telur separuh masak tambah seaweed yang dikoyak2. Boleh cuba dirumah.

Nasi, sup taugeh sotong pedas.
 I don't know why but this is one of the most delicious foods I've tried in Korea. Simple je tapi yummeh. After lunch, I put on the hanbok and went around the Hanok Village for PICTURE TIME!! Beware. You. Might. Collapsed.


*pose pandang langit*

*pose acah2 keluar rumah*

Jom ke matahari, sayang? *hilang akal*

"Selamat datang ke teratak kami"

Ehem *shy shy cat*

It's normal for people to wear hanbok while visiting Jeonju Hanok village. 
I felt like I was in those old Korean dramas seeing so many Koreans wearing hanbok. Something I didn't get to experience in Seoul. 

*Assalamualaikum.. Saya datang nak beraya*

Remind me of the ever famous wall of leaves at Nature Republic in Myeongdong

Have to keep this in my wallet

So those are pictures taken by Kim. You don't know how hard I had to pull out my duck face to get those pictures. Have to admit my photography skill's better than his. Hahaha.
 Time to go home and take a rest. 


I reaaaaaally love Jeonju! I mean.. it's really nice to get a chance sleeping in Hanok. In Seoul, this kinda room is expensive really. Really grateful he arranged everything and while my job is to just have fun. >.<

You should visit this city if you've the time (I suggest 2D1N is okay). Oh! I forgot to mention, I went to visit the filming set of Sungkyunkwan Scandal drama in this place but it was at night and it didn't open. LOL 

Probably gonna visit here again if I had the chance.