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Friday, 22 August 2014

How does it feel to be married at the age of 21?

First of all, obviously, I'm 22 this year but I don't wanna admit it since it's not my birthday yet. Duh. 

Second, the title might as well be rephrased to "how does it feel to be married to a foreigner at the age of 21"

Eh, lupa. Assalamualaikum, w.b.t.

It's been a long time here. Since my last post, I was preparing for my akad, and then my exchange student program, shopping, packing, and settling in Korea. And now, I'm here in Seoul *phew*. Can't believe I make it here after years of having South Korea as my one of my countries-to-visit-before-30. 

from Instagram : snfad_diela 

from Instagram: jeyoungpeterkim 

Some families and friends might say, "Balik kampung ke Fad?". While some are worried and exaggerated my 6-12 months away from Malaysia. I mean.. eh helloooo I'm not leaving here forever lah please jangan tacink lebih nangis nangis cenggini korang kenapaaa *heart's crying tapi tunjuk macho in front of others*. Or so I thought... And I'll be like omg this is so heartbreaking and exciting (that I'm leaving Malaysia for studying and travelling to Korea), I miss my family.. my sisters and brother especially TT_TT *crying*.
Then, Hakim be like "자기야~~ 울지마~~ 마음이 아파~~ I'll make you happy yada yada *hugs*". OK tak nangis dah *lempang* leuls

So, can you deduce my answer to that question? 
Let's see if any of you get it right.

What does it feel to be married at the age of 21?
How does it feel to be married to a foreigner/Korean at the age of 21?


1. I'm feeling busier than usual. Perasaan emak-emak pun datang dengan harapan perkahwinan di usia muda membantu saya untuk menjadi lebih matang dan berdikari, memasak sendiri "Esok abang nak makan apa? Nak breakfast apa?"What do you wanna have for breakfast/lunch/dinner?", buatkan air untuk suami "Abang nak minum apa, sayang buatkan" "Do you wanna drink anything? Coffee? Tea?", tunggu suami depan pintu, kemas dapur hari-hari, beli barang dapur, check barang apa yang takde kat rumah tiap minggu etc etc. My husband helps with almost everything but there are a lot of things going on in my mind like now I have few additional boxes for "fefeeling wifey"menu for today"apa lagi nak buat kuasa2".

2. Remind of my mother(s) every few minutes. After being married, then I truly realized, "so this is how my mother have been spending most of her days". *grateful* *sayang ibu* :') <3

Siapakah kanak-kanak riang di Legoland itu?

Happy roomies at Beryl's Genting Highlands.

Sungai Congkak <3 MOCHUB
My XOXO girls XD
Photo from : Danny's Instagram

3. Cherish the good times I had. Maybe it's gonna be a lil' bit hard to have girls' day out (GDO/GNO) now that I'm married so I'm grateful and I appreciate the good times I had with my friends, the sleepovers, the gossipings, the travels etc. p/s: you can guess what's GNO, can't you?

4. Knowing someone will always be there for you. Don't get me wrong. I have a bunch of friends who I can lean on, every time. But the feeling, the support you'll get from your other half is totally different. It feels pure, soothing, romantic, I think you get it (before I go corny) *chuckles*. 

4. BEST OF ALL. When the relationship is being built in the name of Allah, it makes us stronger together, learn about/from one another, develop ourselves towards a greater person in and out, accept the differences. Since my husband is a Korean and I'm a Malaysian, there are a lot of cultural differences, not to mention the religion (at first). For example, most Malaysians will be late for an appointment but try to carry that bad habit in Korea, none would wanna make friends with you. He used to get mad at me every time I was late but then after, he will nag like a mother sampai nipis telinga kau. Ok tak buat lagi. Kali ni betul-betul. In fact, during the pre-marriage course (kursus pra-perkahwinan) that I took, one of the speakers reminded us like all the time. You have to remember and be aware of these little/big/you-thought-it's-nonsense differences between men and women. What more if you're being raised differently. These differences should not make you apart from one another instead grow as high/big as possible. Together. 

So, that's that. 

Thanks for the picture, Amree!
안녕~~! ^_^