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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Double Date

Salam. Hyeepie!

When our newly-wed friends, Yusra and Ryan came to Seoul for their honeymoon, we brought them to Rail Park and Jade Garden for a so-called-Korean-dating experience lol.
As expected, we were the only foreigners (or as some ahjussis or ahjummas labelled as international couples rotf), except Je Young... well.. obviously. XD

Were immersed in cycling, we didn't take a lot of pictures in the beginning. These are some of the pictures we gotta take in the mid-point of the track.


Say kimchiiiii hiks

While cycling

Cheese & tuna kimbap packed with yogurt drinks for lunch, Korean much nyum nyum~
After a lil bit of exercising (I have to be honest I didn't cycle much. Sempat meracuni fikiran Yusra dengan "Let the men do the work" haha), we went to Jade Garden (about 15 minutes away by subway and shuttle bus). It was our first time too and we liked it. It took about 3 hours to walk the entire garden. It's not that big but because we took a lot of pictures (every inch as we could lol) so yeah. 

Post-wedding picture.


Atoto k.

We had fun spending the whole day with them around Chuncheon, eating and talking about so many things. Too bad we can't make it to their lovely wedding. T_T 
Anyways, hope to meet them again later in JB ^^


  1. U guys are so sweet, would you mind to share how u guys met and getting married? Ahaha, May Allah bless ur relationship sis😊

  2. Assalamualaikum kak fadhi. Just wanna ask. May i know wht type of camera did you use to take pictures? the pictures are all clear and satisfying to look at. Hehe

  3. both of you married with foreigners..waaaa..rasa sweet ja tengok gambar korang..hihi

  4. Salam sis, sweet sgt tgk u dgn ur hsbnd. Nt klau akk ke korea boleh kita berjumpa? Sbb akk planning nk ke korea alone this year πŸ˜†

  5. Fadh, I found your blog from a viral website that people have shared (ohbulan or something). So, you're married and have reached your dream to be in Korea. Congratulations, dear.

    p/s: btw, ryan reminds me of someone. he has an adopted family in kedah right?

    -Madam Ruqayya

  6. Akak. you both such a sweet couple. Comel !

  7. Tempqt running man buat mission hahaha bestnya kak

  8. assalamualaikum,
    Fuhhhhh belum berkesempatan kayuh kayuh tang sini...

  9. assalamualaikum...
    such a lovely couple.no wonder girls now admiring korean guys so much that they want to be a special one for that korean guys.anyway, i wish your happiness n be blessed by Allah swt. Amin..

  10. oooooooooooooh so swwet couples wish you guys happiness of this world may Allah bless you all.May my dream come true as you guys wanna marry with korean man wish me good luck and pray with me that our dreams come true inchallah ^_^