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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Busy Bee is Me

Samekom... (genX manakah dari zaman MySpace ini) Lemme start again
Hi! Assalamualaikum! 

It's my favorite month again! Yipeeee! 
Which means.. I didn't post anything last month. T_T I kept trying to write something but everything ended up half-written and left as drafts. I couldn't even finish my articles writing for my internship program last week. Oh yeah. Have I mentioned about the internship? I'm trying to make myself busy with an internship program for two months. It's a good opportunity for me to keep writing (because I either skip writing on this blog or my daily journal). I have to write at least two articles weekly and at the end of the day, I will get a certificate, incentives like ticket performances or shows (which I enjoy) and yeah... experience. 

Besides, I'm teaching private 1:1 English conversation for my side income- the best part. Not only I'll get some cash for that to cover extra eat-outs, it's time to put the theories and learning into action here. I remembered how I was complaining about having to write lesson plans everyday, never thought it would come in handy here. 

Events and other activities in SKKU? Been to lots. Enjoyed them all. But these, will be posted later. 

Taking 5 courses is fine for me. I only have 4 days of school, 3 days of library date with le hubby. Or so I thought... *evil laugh* Le hubby is in the finale of his degree, having two tutoring part-time jobs, thesis to be completed and has a childish-cranky-kuat makan-lazy to study-newbie cook-wife to take care of; in conclusion, he is the real busy bee. I'll be the honey trying to distract him from working so hard but all he's saying is "this is for us/I'm doing this for us (interchangeable every now and then since I can't stop disturbing him while he's doing his works), jagiyaaaa *meleret-leret*" OK.. *dalam hati awwwhhh laki aku ni :')*

OK ah. Dah dapat semangat balik.
Jom study!