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Thursday, 31 December 2015

Things I'm Grateful for 2015



This would be the last post for this year. It's amazing how time flies from a year in South Korea to one semester of my degree. I've been thinking of what I should blog about and I decided to list the things I'am grateful for throughout 2015.

#1 Supportive family

I couldn't be happier with sporting and supportive parents, husband, siblings, and relatives. My parents support the business I'm doing. My husband supports my new obsession and hobby for planners. I couldn't ask for more. ^^

#2 Travel to South Korea

I came back to Malaysia in September and went back to Korea for a week in September. I got to enjoy the autumn there, met new people and realized someone's dreams of traveling in South Korea.

#3 My job

I love what I am doing right now- trip planner. Even though I'm doing it as a part-time job and it's getting out of my hands sometimes, I would love to continue doing this in the future. 

#4 Buy a car using my own money

Well, it's not really my money but it's our money (my husband and I) that we worked for together. Even though it's just an old second-hand car, it's enough for us to go around the university and travel back and forth KL-JB. So, we're free from debt for the next 8 years.

#5 The viral-phenomenon

At first, I was a bit irritated by our pictures going on viral especially with the nasty comments on FB. But since I was in Korea at that time, I just ignored it. All praises to Allah, every cloud has a silver lining. It turns out to be more rezeki for us both. :') 
pssst.. I got 3 interview offers this year. Did email interview for Berita Harian once, couldn't do the 2nd one since I was in Korea and thinking whether I should do the 3rd and last I received today, 31st December for SIS, Tv9. *emoticon monyet tutup mulut*

#6 Learn Korean

I always love language since I'm enrolled in Foundation in TESL so, to be able to learn Korean language and communicate well enough for me to survive in Korea is another great thing I'm grateful for this year. I wish to learn more languages in the future!

#7 10k likes on Ke Korea KimFad fb page & 55k followers on ig

These numbers might not be a reflection of my success but I am grateful that these strangers who like and follow our fb page and my ig have been part of what make me laugh or motivated each day. :'D

There are more things that I'm grateful for but I would like to save it for myself. 

Before 2015 comes to its end, I would like to say sorry for all the mistakes I've done (intentionally or unintentionally). Wish you all another best year ahead. Happy new year! ^_^v


  1. Hi kak fad im from indonesia.. I like read ur post and also follow u on ig.. U n ur husband such an adorable couple.. Pls post something bout u n ur hubby..wish u a happy new year too^^

  2. Alhamdulillah. Semoga bertambah rezeki mu dik dan dipermudahkan segalanya. Nanti ada rezeki akk ke korea akk contact fadh ye insyaallah

  3. Wish you have a good day ahead and always surrounded by positive vibes!
    -totally stranger haha

  4. Tahniah Fad...semoga tahun baru ni lebih maju k