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Saturday, 23 January 2016

#KimFadtourguide Private Transport Packages

Assalamualaikum & hi!

Since we receive many inquiries on arranging a tour with private transportation, here's the list of packages we have. These packages are recommended for big groups with small kids and senior citizens.

(additional Mount Sorak and Theme Park -Everland/Lotte World)

6-9 pax : RM2550
Children : RM1400 (3-6y/o) // RM1900 (7-12y/o)

10-15 pax : RM1900 
Children : RM850 (3-6y/o) // RM 1300 (7-12y/o)

16-20 pax : RM1830
Children: RM800 (3-6y/o) // RM1200 (7-12y/o)

Day 1:
-          International Incheon Airport, Seoul (pick-up service, airport bus)
-          Namsan Tower (Namsan cable car)
-          Myeongdong 

Day 2:
-          Cheonggyecheon Stream/Insadong
-          Namdaemun market
-          Gyeongbukgung Palace

Day 3:
-          Theme park (choose based on guide suggestion)

Day 4:
-          Nami island 

Day 5:
-          Flight back to Incheon Airport

(additional Theme Park -Everland/Lotte World)

6-9 pax : RM3000
Children : RM1750 (3-6y/o) RM2550 (7-12y/o)

10-15 pax : RM2350 
Children : RM1450 (3-6y/o) RM1050 (7-12y/o)

16-20 pax : RM2000
Children : RM950 (3-6y/o) // RM 1450 (7-12y/o)

Day 1:
-          International Incheon Airport, Seoul (pick-up service)
-          Namsan Tower

Day 2:
-          Gyeongbukgung Palace
-          Namdaemun market

Day 3:
-          Theme Park (choose based on guide suggestion)

Day 4:
-          Hanok village
-      Myeongdong

Day 5:
Nami island

Day 6:
-          Flight back to Incheon Airport (airport bus)


*price PER 1 adult 
*kids under 3 years old are free-of-charge (FOC)
*price could be changed depending on the KRW-MYR conversion rate at the moment of travel dates

Price includes:

-          Meals (breakfast - at guesthouse, lunch & dinner – Korean foods at Muslim-friendly restaurant)
-          PRIVATE transport
-          Entrance fee to places in itinerary
-          Accommodation (guesthouse)
-          Malay tour guide (speaks Malay and Korean) (9am-7pm)

Price excludes:

-          Flight tickets + insurance
-          Optional Tour
-          Personal expenses (taxis, shopping, drinks at cafĂ©, souvenirs, laundry)

*Private transport packages have to be booked 2 months before traveling dates with RM200/pax (NON-REFUNDABLE deposit) for booking.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

2016 Resolutions: How I plan to achieve it.

Assalamualaikum and hi!

Finally!!! I'm free from exam and studies (for a month!) so here I am trying to declare my 2016 resolutions. I've been wondering how what is the best way to set aims and ways to achieve it. This year, I'm gonna do it seriously. I swear. X'D 

Therefore, this year, I'm going to strive for:

1. Complete TESL degree with flying colors (if possible, first class).
2. Expand KimFad Travel empire.
3. Blog at least once a month.
4. Be organised.
5. Cook well for my jagi (plus, learn more Korean recipes).
6. Buy iPhone 6s+ (I can't believe my hub agreed to get me this :'D Gumawo sayang!)
7. Save money to bring ibu & ayah to umrah in 2017.
8. Travel to Disneyland.
9. Learn Korean until I'm fluent (well, fluent enough to nag at my hub lol).
10. Take TOPIK.

To achieve all those, I need a plan. A plan means PLANNERSSSS! HAHA *pontianak laugh*

Now, I have few planners (don't be shocked. I'm still normal compared to other PAMians) to manage my life but I always carry around Ardium planner, a brand from Korea, for a bujo (bullet journal). I jot down things I need to do, events, purchase, meals I had, the day's goal, gratitude log and notes every day. 

Besides, I keep myself another cute journal from Korea as well, given by sister-in-law. I journal 3-4 times a week depending on my mood and things that happen that I think need to be kept in my memory (Dr.M kata Melayu mudah lupa. I'm Malay at heart. See?). 

I also have MAMBI planner, my dream as my everything-I-need-to-put-nicely planner. So, Ardium is basically my planner I don't really decorate well because it was dated 2015 monthly but since I like the bullets page, I decided to use it anyway for my everyday use. Yang janji tulis dan tak lupa buat. MAMBI tak boleh! Because I love MAMBI and it has to be perfect (visually). Whatever I wrote in the Ardium and journal, I'll write it again in MAMBI. <3

Now, I need 2 more planners, my work planner and my studies planner. LOL
I've been thinking of getting the Paperdorable planner but will survey more in Korea soon to compare. Let's see about that.

Besides those planners, I divided my goals into 2 (like having 2 semesters in a year). I write every month's goals towards achieving the major 10 goals. And divide the goals into 4 themes: studies, finance, personal and career. 

I actually have more to achieve but these are my main goals. My hub and I need to save money for walimatulurus in Malaysia (we haven't done it properly yet, and in Korea- which will cost a fortune T_T so I decided that saving my parents' umrah trip will be the priority for now, may Allah ease).

After all, I plan but I won't forget that Allah is the best planner of all. Let's hope it's my rezeki after I (of course with my hub too) work for them, insyaAllah.
Pray for me? Thank you! ^^

Friday, 8 January 2016

January in Seoul & To-do List

Salam and hello!

I can't wait for my trip to Seoul (again) next week. Despite the fact that I'm still in my final exam week, I thought I really need to list some of the things I wanna do during this trip. It's another special trip with joined group for my tour package:

p/s: If you're interested to join those trips, kindly pm me directly at facebook page Ke Korea Kimfad ok! ^^

But, I will be going earlier and spend a week of leisure with my youngest sister, Aishah and a good friend of mine, Iz. It is their first winter trip so I am excited to bring them around too!

To-do list in Seoul during winter:

  • Eat red bean fish bread (a must winter snack! of course other winter snacks too)
  • Play ski (or if I have more budget, overnight at the ski resort)
  • Go ice-fishing
  • Everland theme park! (it will be freezing though kkk)
  • Play with snow (if it's not snowing in Seoul, I'll go find some outskirt of Seoul)
  • Build a snowman with Aishah (she always use this emoticon last year as a sign to bring her to Seoul during winter lol)
  • Play outdoor ice-skating

I hope we would manage to do additional those winter activities even though we only have a week. I need to bring them to the mainstream places of attractions anyway. 

Will update more. Gotta go for study. LOL XD