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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Private Tour Guide in Seoul

Salam 1 Malaysia (minggu orientasi ke? haha)

So.. You wanna come to South Korea but...

1. You don't speak Korean
2. You're afraid of ordering non-halal food (refer to 1)
3. You cannot bargain when you shop because (refer to 1)
4. Travel agency could be expensive
5. Last minute plan

Tell you what.. I'm being generous with my ground package offered here:

Price range: RM1400/USD400 (4 days 3 nights) min. 2 pax
The price includes everything but flight ticket. 
When I said everything, I meant meals, accommodation, transportation & entrance fee.
Yeah you heard me right.

Other packages:
1. Backpacker Tour (students)
2. Leisure Traveler (family with kids)
3. Sophisticated Traveler (honeymoon, VIP)

Additional info:
1. You can customize your itinerary based on the list that I have (additional charge depends on the entrance fee).
2. The more the merrier = DISCOUNTSSSS!
3. Holiday to other city? Jeju Island? No problem!


Versi Bahasa Melayu: 

Sesiapa yang nak ke Korea tapi tak nak ikut kumpulan2 travel agency, nak sendiri sendiri dengan bajet murah, mungkin saya, orang yang anda cari! (Mentor musim keenam ke apa ni? K.) Pakej saya murah sebab saya student Malaysia yang sedang belajar di Seoul dan berkahwin dengan seorang mamat Korean aka business partner. 
Jadi, kalau berminat, boleh contact seperti yang tertera diatas nun. Kita bincang rege, kita bincang itinerary. Ok? 

Jumpa anda di Korea! 


  1. hai sis ... boleh bagi email tak?

  2. As slm...mcm mana nak bincang ye..ada contact no?

  3. It is very useful to learn about a tour guide like you. If someone wants to explore Seoul then hiring a guide is the best option. Other option would be buying road map and tourist atlases for that country. I enjoyed this way by purchasing Argentina Road Map and explored every nook and corner of the country last month. Thanks for sharing the information.

  4. Aku nak pergi korea jumpa yong hwa oppa!!
    Tapi harganya x masuk tiket perbangan..jadi kena tempah tiket penerbangan sendiri ke?
    Rakan rakan sekalian, skrg mana ada tiket penerbangan yg murah?