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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Le Forever Boyfriend Birthday Celebration

Assalam.. Hye! 

It was Je Young oppa's birthday yesterday. We had a little celebration that night when the clock struck 12 and a date to Hanok village, Gyeongbukgung & Insadong. 

In the making...

So, I received a small oven from Yong Chol oppa and Je Young oppa's lab members (thank you so much :'D) for my birthday last year. But I can't really bake anything just yet here thinking of how expensive the ingredients are here and if I ruin the whole thing (I lack of confidence to bake using that one since the one I have at home back in Malaysia is way bigger).

I went to Itaewon to find some halal baking ingredients on Thursday when I was destined to meet Brownie mix on sale. Alhamdulillah.. This is it.. This could save my life (awhvahwelming).

Because I don't have enough apparatus for baking (even a hand mixer), I just bought a box of brownie mix and one packet of semi-sweet Hershey's chocolate chips. I read a post here on how to make brownie mix tastes better and I love the ideas! Definitely will try again later.

It's totally easy >..< 
I mixed water, one egg and butter (instructions on the box). Then, I added the brownie mix, use manual hand mixer- yiiepp manual. It was a little bit hard because of the heavy texture but I didn't have to mix them for a long time.

The result...

Poof! Done in 30 minutes.

A little celebration. Omnomnomnom~ <3

What else? Gift! Hmm... I should have a nice gift since this is his first birthday celebration as my forever bf. After brainstorming for a few days. I thought a photo album consists of our pictures since we started to know each other could mean a lot for him. In fact, in this technology era, no one print out photos anymore and I kinda miss that. I love hardcopy (even for books) version more than anything else (fefeeling evergreen at the age of 23). 

I made this album on my own at the Seoul Global Cultural Center, Myeongdong by using hanji (Korean traditional paper for crafting).

First picture: Oppa and his very first durian. LOL

I added some captions to every picture and gave it to him while we were having some brownies. In the afternoon, we ate at one restaurant nearby our house. 

Bedal la apa lagi.
Of course a great day shouldn't over with just delicious meals. We sorta role-played as tourists after that. Haha

In front of Folk Museum gate (next to Gyeongbukgung)

So many people at Hanok village since it was Saturday.

Before the special day ended, we decided to give something special to everyone who wish to come to Korea under our private package.


Those who might have last minute plan to come here and haven't booked anything yet, do contact me at kimfadtravelmate@yahoo.com /Instagram: @snfad_diela regarding this promo. ^^

Guess that's about our celebration. 
Thanks for reading! 

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