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Saturday, 15 November 2014

Pepero Day: DIY Pepero

Assalamualaikum :D

11.11 marks as Pepero Day in Korea. It started as a symbol of wishing to be slimmer (like how pepero looks like) and then eventually a celebration among friends and couples (read more here). I heard some people give pepero to their teachers/lecturers too. I thought it's interesting so I'm all excited to celebrate the day too. 

Instead of buying the peperos gift set etc, I wanna try making my own. 

Some of pepero gifts I found in Artbox:

Besides these gifts in shops, supermarkets or convenience stores like CU, Lotte mart, Homeplus, I also saw a lot of DIY ads on online shops. I thought it would be more fun to make (I mean decorating plain stick pepero) them myself instead of just buying ready made ones.

I asked my friends on where I can get the supplies. Jin Hong helped me to buy the stuff and ingredients at Bangsan Market. It's like a baking street where you can find so many baking ingredients; thus, the name, get it? Thanks to Jin Hong, I had fun looking around and shopping there! (psssttt... spent 30,000KRW for everything. Got 40 big pepero and 30 small pepero. *imma happy kid*)

Things you need

Cookie crumbs in melon (green), strawberry (red), oreo (black) and cookie (chocolate). Topping set and cute choco mold with Korean words and emoticons. Edible pencils in vanilla, melon and strawberry.

 There are other flavors of cookie crumbs and edible pencils like blueberry, mango, chocolate etc. ((rambang mata muntah pelangi))

I chose different brands of coating. 
 The chocolate one is the most expensive and working way better than the other two. The taste is great. The only thing I don't like about it is that it takes quite a while to freeze. Strawberry sucks. It doesn't wanna coat the pepero. White isn't too bad. It takes less than 2 minutes to coat so I have to decorate quickly.

Pepero plastic holder. 

Plain pepero sticks.

The process

It took me around 10 hours to finish making all 70 pepero. But I really had fun. I think it will be so much fun to do it with friends too. It's my first time (and could be the last since we didn't celebrate pepero day in Malaysia haha).

Melt the chocolate coating
I started a little by a little to get to know which one is coating faster and manage to figure out later. When I knew that strawberry and white coat really fast, I made them first and I double coating some of them with chocolate one. Taste good! ^^

I got the white oil paper for free :D

My personal favorite is cookie crumbs coating! ^_^


Ready to make others happy. :DD

Thanks to Jungmin and Minki oppa for these :'D

And 20 pepero for le hubby. Ing~ <3
T'was fun, really. Some of the receivers said I can even sell them because I made them so pretty LOL. XD N'ways, you should try it too (provided you've time and interest hah!). 


  1. wah. Thanks fadhi!! i'm gonna make this DIY peppero for my kids birthday.. tq!!

  2. those materials are so hard to find in the country where i live ;; looks good!

  3. this looks really good!!!
    kinda jelly because its really hard to find good materials for pepero day in the country where i live right now ;;