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Monday, 10 November 2014

A Date: 4 months of Marriage

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.,

Exactly 4 months after our marriage, we had a date to the Dream Forest Seoul, the fourth largest park in Seoul nearby our home in Seongbuk-gu. It was a short outing but totally made our day. 

The park was just 6-7 stations away by bus from our home. There's no entrance fee to the park and we spent around 2 hours to walk around the park. It's fall now so the view is breathtaking with red, orange, and yellow leaves around the park. There's also a small deer farm there. If you're not afraid of height, go to the observatory to see Seongbuk area, Nam Mountain (Namsan) and Bugak Mountain (Bugaksan) from there. Even if you are, brace yourself for the spectacular view.

Small Hanok (korean traditional house) area

The wind was 5m/s that day. Super cold. Saw some people camping around the park and saw this cool 3-in-1 kite played by one visitor.

Heading to the observatory. ((Dizzy. Gayut saya))

Oh. IRIS was filmed here too.
 Of course, a cuppa coffee will do in this kinda weather at the top 2nd floor of observatory park, The price isn't that expensive too! (Definitely a bonus) 

How the observatory building looks.

Asked him to take the maple leaves. (perangai bini pun...)

Cak! Hi deer~!

Selfie is a must (mehehehe)
It might not be the best park in Seoul, but it worth a visit if you're in the area, with time-constraint and just wanna hang out for a while. I should come back again to hangout or probably read a book here (yes, summer).

If you wanna know more details and how to get there, do visit here.

Thanks for reading! ^^


  1. Terlajak ke sini bila search psl korean husband haha..suke taw bc psl mix marriage..penah berangan nk cr husband korean haha

  2. Huhuhuhu....jeles la dgn akak....semoga bahagia....

    1. jeles yg teramat nie. berangan jela kite nk berlaki kn korea. haha.