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Friday, 18 August 2017

Foods You Should Try in Krabi


Hello! Thanks for all your comments on my personal Instagram asking for food suggestions in Krabi.

So, in this post, I'll basically showing off foods we had while we're in Krabi. :p
If you haven't read about my tips on traveling to Krabi, please refer to this post.

I love to try different McDonalds ice-cream flavors when I travel other than different Strabucks drinks which aren't available in Malaysia. So, when I was in Krabi, there was this Mango ice-cream  I gotta try and maann it's really good even though we had it when it was raining at night. LOL

Now what's Thailand without its tomyum? It's like going to Seoul without trying their kimchi. That seafood tomyum is the best we've had! There were tons of fresh seafood inside with the right level of sourness and spiciness. We had this in one of the store inside Jame foodcourt near the Ao Nang mosque. I couldn't find the picture of the store but if you see a professional looking chef (I meant literally like a chef with his white chef uniform and long hat - is that what you call it? idk lol), go order your food there. *swallow saliva*

Tried these at the same foodcourt. Not that special.

We tried these cute balls at Krabi town weekend night market. It's like one of Malaysian traditional dessert called gula Melaka but these are smaller with big gula Melaka inside. So so goood! Well, I think they made everything tastes better in Thai.

Of course, mango sticky rice.

Cute waffles at the night market
Basically at the night market, we filled ourselves with street foods instead of real-big-portion foods. You should also try the creamy coconut milkshakes they have there. I think there's only one store selling it at the night market. 

Pancakes are popular desserts/street foods in Krabi as well. I regretted not to eat it everyday there. -.- Still, managed to have these while we're strolling down the Ao Nang beach.

Butter cheese pancake. 1 isn't enough.
Chocolate banana pancake. I love their soft and slightly chewy pancake.

By-the-road restaurant
On our last day, we had lunch at one of the restaurants found nearby our resort. The foods there were good too. Best part is, they gave us fresh pineapple as a starter. 

Need to find out how to make that dip. It goes really well with pineapple.
Unlike asam cicah we had in Malaysia, this one is like asam powder mixed with sugar, a little bit of salt and chilly flakes. Other foods we had there:

Tomyum, pad thai, again and again
This tomyum over here has that kick I tell you. And generous amount of seafood as well. Other recommendation is this plain rice with yellow fried chicken (forgot the name).

Taste almost like ayam goreng kunyit but so much better.

We ate at Adeela Delicious nearby the Emerald Pool entrance. Surprisingly, the food price is the average considering its location in one of the major attractions. What we had:

Yum mama. Delicious :)

Pad Thai. Not the best we had but still good!

We had Pad Thai almost everyday! LOL 
Kim loves it too much. Idk how it taste so much better than our kue teow goreng in Malaysia *salivating*

Our last dinner was spent here. Kim found this place to be quite famous among Koreans. It's located along Ao Nang beach and the area is like an open foodcourt where we really enjoyed the ambiance. What we had: 

Tomyam fried rice. (Y)

Soft shell crab.
I forgot the full name (like ketam masak kunyit like that) but it taste so good I had to keep up eating it with Kim because he was eating it faster than he usually did.

Fried chicken in pandan leaves. 
I really love this dish. It's not the best one I had because I had tried a crunchy one in one of the Thai restaurants in KL but can't deny that this dish completed our meals there. 

Fresh mango juice.

We drank fresh juices everyday for lunch & dinner because it's so fresh and most importantly, cheap there. 

Finally, don't forget to shop for Thai instant noodles and snacks at their supermarket like Tesco Lotus or Big C.

I literally filled in a big trolley with these and ended up paying like 700baht (which is SUPER CHEAP - around RM80). Even with these much, we finished it in like a week or so. Next time, I'll book a whole 20kg luggage for these. 

So, that's all for my Krabi journey. All in all, Halal foods and snacks aren't hard to find and they're marvelous. I would suggest getting some snacks as souvenirs instead of the normal touristy stuff (read: keychains/fridge magnets).

Thanks for reading! 

P/S: I shoot a video with Kim and our friends, trying out these snacks. I'll post it on my Youtube (yes, I finally have one) channel once it's ready. ^_^v

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