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Sunday, 30 July 2017

Krabi 5D4N Itinerary & Budget

Assalamualaikum & hi!

Our 5 days in Krabi were amazing! But I wish we could stay longer there. I would suggest a full 6-7 days in Krabi if you really wanna get the best of Krabi. Now let's get to the point. This is our itinerary and some daily remarks I made throughout the trip.

Where we stay: The Nine Thipthara Klongson Resort
Read the review here.

 Air Asia flight: JHB to KUL (11.10am to 12.00pm) – RM162.24
Return flight by Air Asia: Kuala Lumpur (KUL) to Krabi (KBV) – RM193.40 (200 BIG points)
Air Asia flight: KUL to JHB – RM35.12 (200 BIG points)

Hujan rahmat :)

Day 1
  • Arrival at Krabi airport 6.10pm
  • Depart to hotel 6.45pm by joined minivan – (200baht/person)
  • Arrival at hotel 8.00pm – (4950baht/4-nights)
  • Rent a motorbike directly from the hotel – (350baht/24 hours)
  • Find packages nearby Ao Nang beach – bought a Hong island + kayaking package at (800baht/person)
  • Dinner at Jame Food Center (near Ao Nang mosque)
  • Back to hotel

Remarks for day 1
  • The weather wasn’t good so our flight can’t landed when it’s supposed to. Landed at 6.10pm which is 30 minutes later then the scheduled arrival time.
  • It’s still raining when we arrive.
  • Jame Food Center is like a food court with variety of Thai foods you can choose from.
  • Motorbike rental actually costs around 200baht per day but we don’t have any other choice because we need to find a package for the next day.
  • Registration before the trip

    Day 2
    • Van pickup at the hotel 8.00am
    • Registration at Ao Nang Beach 8.15am
    • Phak Bia island– 45 minutes for pictures
    • Lading island – 1 hour + lunch
    • Hong Lagoon – stopped for about 30 minutes for pictures, swimming
    • Hong island – stopped for 2 hours, we did snorkelling & but not kayaking because the weather isn’t suitable so we didn’t do kayaking. T_T
    • Back to Ao Nang, van sent to hotel.
    • Go to Ao Nang to rent a bike.
    • Dinner at Jame Food Center.
    • Shop for snacks at Tesco Lotus.
    • Back to hotel.

    Amazing view at Hong Lagoon
    Supposed to take the long-tailed boat but we took the speed boat

    Remarks for day 2.
    • The water at Phak Bia island wasn’t that clean so we didn’t swim there but took lots of pictures especially at the swing.
    • Our agent didn't even tell us they changed our package to speed boat but we accepted it happily anyway because speed boat package is more expensive haha.
    • It started raining heavily 30 minutes before our leaving time at Hong island.
    • After taking a shower and resting for a while, we departed to Ao Nang to get refund for kayaking and rent a bike for the next 2 days. 400baht refund was exchanged to bike rental.
    • Tesco Lotus that we went to isn’t that big but we still manage to spend 500baht there. Lol

    Nak ambil gambar dengan sunglass rasa lagi cool kata Kim >.<

    Day 3
    • Emerald Pool – entrance fee (200baht/person), bike parking (10baht)
    • Lunch at Adila Delicious
    • Krabi Town night market – dinner and shopping
    • Stop at Ao Nang to get Thai cooking class package
    • Back to hotel and rest

    Kematu punggok XD

    Remarks day 3

  •  Go to Emerald Pool by bike took us almost 2 hours. We stopped whenever we wanted and took pictures. Followed Waze & Google Maps. The road was good until the last 2km where it’s a bit rough.
  •  We overlooked the statement that the Blue Pool is closed from April to October for an unknown reason. T_T
  • Bought souvenirs at Krabi Town, caricature and sent postcards as well. :) 
  • Wanna go to the Hot Springs and Tiger Cave but we were afraid it’s gonna rain (it looked like it will at that time and we’ve got like 2 hours journey back to Ao Nang). Changed of plan, went straight to Krabi Town night market instead.
    At the Krabi Town night market

    Day 4
    • Thai cooking class – we waited for more than an hour but nobody picked us up T^T
    • Changed of plan - strolling down Ao Nang beach side and book a massage
    • Lunch otw to hotel
    • Rest and relax at the hotel, swimming pool
    • Aromatherapy massage and Thai traditional massage at Attarak (800baht)
    • Go to Ao Nang to extend bike rental and get refund from the Thai cooking class
    • Dinner nearby Ao Nang
    • Shopping at Big C
    • Return bike and take a tuk-tuk to hotel (200baht)
    • Packing

    Us with the Krabi landmark 

    Remarks day 4
  • Big C isn’t as big as we expected. We thought the whole building is a supermarket like Tesco Lotus we went to on the second day but instead it’s like AEON in Malaysia, with many other shops inside it. I bought cute cosmetics from Cute Press here <3
  • We thought 200 baht to our hotel is expensive (read on some blogs you can get it for 50baht per head, one way) but because it was already 10pm, we were tired and so lazy to find other tuk-tuk, plus our hotel is quite far, we just agreed to the agent. In fact, it was a whole tuk-tuk for the two of us (meant to be shared for up to 8 people I guess) and it’s just less than RM25, we don’t wanna think more but just accept it’s their rezeki in ours. Letting you know here so that those on budget are aware of the actual rate.   

  • Day 5
    • Taxi pickup to airport – 500baht
    • Flight back to KUL
    • Flight back to JHB

    At Ao Nang beach

    Few things I learnt about Krabi:

    • Most people are friendly. Even though many didn’t speak English fluently but they are helpful when we ask for help.
    • Choose a nice hotel with good facilities as you needed even if it’s a bit far from the main road.
    • Riding a motorbike is actually pretty fun in Krabi especially done with the ‘one’. Lol
    • Locals don’t wear helmets in Ao Nang area because it’s a small town, sometimes we see 3 people riding 1 bike. Haha
    • It’s safe in Krabi. Even at night so, I don’t think girls-only-trip to Krabi will be a problem.
    • Don't buy fruit soaps here because they are more expensive compared to Bangkok.
    • There are so many mosques in Krabi as well so finding halal foods aren't a problem.
    Alright. That's all I can share for now. Thanks for reading! ^_^

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