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Monday, 14 March 2016

Avon Online: My Next-to-try Products

Hello everyone! 

I think it's time to add on other cosmetics products into my personal collections. Say AVON!! It's one of the brands I've been loving since I was a teenager because my mom used to be an active dealer LOL. 

If you're '92 babies, you'll know this brand for sure. Avon is a well-known beauty brand which offers cosmetics for women from lipsticks, powders, foundations, mascara oh you name it they've got them all. Not only they have a wide range of Avon products, theirs are affordable too! So, no problem to add them into my cosmetics regime. 

Since they have whatever my routine needs, it could be a hard time for me to choose but these products they are famous for should be taken into consideration like seriously please.

Avon online beauty must-haves for women to enjoy at the best price possible ever with great quality products.

1) Lipstick

Not to worry about finding the right lipstick shades! From nude tones to bold shades, I personally love this colour. The last time I met a beauty assistant in Korea who said my skin tone would look better with orange and berry-red lipstick shades, I have been collecting these shades from all sorts of brands lol.

Less than RM30? OH YEAHH!

2) Powder

This is a very crucial item for me. I will always carry BB cushion whenever/wherever I go but I think I should back to the basic with a compact powder because the weather these days is no joke I'm tellin' yah. Since some of the compact powders from Avon have a dual funstion of powder & foundation, it is definitely a pick whenever I'm in a rush (like always, Fadhi? *rolled eyes*).

3) Fragrance

I still remember using my mom's perfume to school back then >.< 
Now, it's time to get another soft feminine and soothing fresh scent of Avon fragrance for a fresh start of the day. 

*vomit rainbow* <3

Ok. Lemme keep the list up to here. Will update more of my collections soon! ^_^v

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  1. ohhh hi kak fad! I've been using Avon products since I was a teenager too because of my mom, haha. Their Simply Pretty line really suits the teenagers dulu LOL but now the line does not impress me anymore (grown up dah haha) but their products from the other lines seem okay. can't wait for your review hihihih