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Friday, 19 June 2015

Exchange Program UTM - SKKU Seoul

Salam Ramadhan everyone.

Since many of you've been asking about my studies in Seoul, South Korea, I would like to share a glimpse of my school in Korea (and what I've been doing- randomly). 

Welcome to... Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul.

The new main gate : Summer 2014

Summer 2014
Fall Semester
I arrived in Korea on 7th August 2014 for my fall semester (starting from September 2014). I'm NOT a full-time student in SKKU. I participated in an exchange program by UTM Skudai, where I'm doing my degree. Back in Malaysia, I'm a TESL major student but here in SKKU, my major is English Language and Literature. Apparently, I'm the only Malaysian exchange student in the campus. I've got to meet 2 Chinese Malaysian students who are here as full-time students. Unlike Seoul campus, there are many Malaysians in SKKU Suwon campus (for Science and Engineering major).

To be honest, I decided to come here for an exchange program because of Je Young lol. I knew that I can't transferred all the credit hours here so I decided to study whatever I'm interested in. As a result, I took Marketing Strategy, English Literature, Lifelong Education, Discourse Analysis and Korean language courses in fall semester. 

Some photos around the campus:

Can you tell it's autumn?

600th anniversary building- SKKU, a school since Joseon Dynasty. Have you watched Sungkyunkwan Scandal? kkk

High school students and parents on SKKU Opening/Visiting Day

School's lawn

Traditional meets modern. <3

Old Campus.

This semester, I wanted to learn Korean so all I did was taking a Korean intensive language course. Now, I can read, write and converse in Korean even though I'm far from fluent (many ahjussis and ahjummas said I'm good enough to be able to understand and reply so okay lah kan for me who started to learn Korean intensively for 2 months >.<).

It's spring!!!

Biarpun lighting tak cukup... Demi bunga..

Spring in SKKU

Demi bunga...

Did I not mention the school is hilly? lol

Every semester, there will be a school festival. It's the best time of all because there will be sports festival, concert, flea market by students and drinking (LOTS of them. Not that I care but in Korea, it's really a big thing not only for students lol).

Sports Day

Flashmob to promote school festival.. I guess

In SKKU Central Library

As a way of saying thank you: promoting UTM in SKKU Student Mobility Fair

I have to say thanks to UTM International for this. They gave me another chance to experience studying abroad after Harvard Summer School 2012 program that I'd joined. Although I didn't receive any financial support from UTM, I'm lucky to have received NIIED scholarship (a Korean government scholarship during fall semester).

BM post:

Jadi dah terjawab segala persoalan adik-adik? Sesungguhnya Kafad tak tau macam mana nak sambung belajar di Korea sebab Kafad hanyalah exchange student dari UTM Skudai kkk XD Yang Kafad tau kalau adik-adik nak peluang belajar di luar negara meh lah masuk UTM :DD

Untuk yang sedang belajar di UTM, janganlah lepaskan peluang-peluang yang ada. Kita ada banyak sangat program macam summer school, exchange program, internship, visiting program and Global Outreach Program (GOP) Jangan risau kalau tak mampu. Hendak seribu daya, jalan mesti ada. Gitchew lol

Sila add friend UTM Mobility Program on fb untuk maklumat lanjut. :D

Ok. Cukup dulu setakat ni.
Thanks for reading! ^_^v


  1. Bukan takat adik je...akak2 tertanya2...hehehehe...fad diatr org yg beruntung

  2. bestnyer ;) belajaq kat overseas event jd student exchange ;) lol

  3. U kenai novelist suri ryana x?
    Her husband keja lecture kt uni ni
    Ajar subject eng kot

  4. Tetibe rasa nak blajar balik..ahaha (~__~)

  5. Tinggal harapan jer lah...sebab otak biasa2 je.. :(

  6. Hi junior ;p. Kenapa la akak tak perasan program2 mcm ni msa kat utm dlu. Frust2. Aigo..

  7. wuuu best nyerr... nak pegi jugak study kat sane.. huhu dh lame dh berangan inshaallah klau ade rezeki dalam 4 thun lagi... aminn.. anyway brape suhu time tu kak fad?? huhu sorry tanye...*^▁^*

  8. oh syiokkk betul dapat pi travel sana!!

  9. Hai akak. Cmne aka dpat GKS scholarship tu.? Appoint by the university ? Any form need to fill up??

  10. Hi kak, im going to skku for my ISS. Ut im wondering is there any halal food around? I am from singapore so my friends who are going are chinese, so obviously dorng tak kesah ade halal or not. Do email me as im going bulan june mase hari raya month. sofusof@gmail.com