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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

A new kid on the block.

Thank you warkah.net

OK now I have a blog. Yeay! What's next? Header. Checked. Then? Write.
I have been thinking of what I should write as the first entry for 3 days when suddenly it strikes me... For God's sake, just write. And here I am, writing my first entry. 
Actually, truth be told, this isn't really my first entry. I had a blog once (bukanblogjiwang, if you happen to read it before but it's so lame I can't believe I was the one writing ^*E#^EJs&%*@!). Well, let's just say.. I'm turning over a new leaf. :3
So... Hello! Welcome! Nice to meet you. I'm the new kid on the block, 잘 부탁 드리게습니다~~

Fadhi thinks : Keep planning and thinking won't do any of it. Better start doing it to make it comes true.

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